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38. Qala odkhuloo fee omamin qad khalat min qablikum mina aljinni wa


l-insi fee



nnari kullama dakhalat ommatun laAAanat okhtaha hatta itha iddarakoo feeha

jameeAAan qalat okhrahum li-oolahum rabbana haola-i adalloona faatihim AAathaban

diAAfan mina a


nnari qala likullin diAAfun walakin la taAAlamoon


38. He will say: "Enter ye in the company of the peoples who passed away before you -

men and jinns, - into the Fire." Every time a new people enters, it curses its sister-people

(that went before), until they follow each other, all into the Fire. Saith the last about the

first: "Our Lord! it is these that misled us: so give them a double penalty in the Fire." He

will say: "Doubled for all" : but this ye do not understand.

39. Waqalat oolahum li-okhrahum fama kana lakum AAalayna min fadlin fathooqoo

alAAathaba bima kuntum taksiboon


39. Then the first will say to the last: "See then! No advantage have ye over us; so taste

ye of the penalty for all that ye did!”

Section 5 (40-47)

40. Inna allatheena kaththaboo bi-ayatina wa


stakbaroo AAanha la tufattahu lahum

abwabu a


ssama-i wala yadkhuloona aljannata hatta yalija aljamalu fee sammi alkhiyati

wakathalika najzee almujrimeen


40. To those who reject Our signs and treat them with arrogance, no opening will there be

of the gates of heaven, nor will they enter the garden, until the camel can pass through the

eye of the needle: Such is Our reward for those in sin.