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33. In them ye have benefits for a term appointed: in the end their place of sacrifice is

near the Ancient House.

Section 5 (34-38)

34. Walikulli ommatin jaAAalna mansakan liyathkuroo isma Allahi AAala ma

razaqahum min baheemati al-anAAami fa-ilahukum ilahun wahidun falahu aslimoo

wabashshiri almukhbiteen


34. To every people did We appoint rites (of sacrifice), that they might celebrate the

name of Allah over the sustenance He gave them from animals (fit for food). But your

Allah is One Allah. submit then your wills to Him (in Islam): and give thou the good

news to those who humble themselves,--

35. Allatheena itha thukira Allahu wajilat quloobuhum wa


ssabireena AAala ma

asabahum wa


lmuqeemee a


ssalati wamimma razaqnahum yunfiqoon


35. To those whose hearts when Allah is mentioned, are filled with fear, who show

patient perseverance over their afflictions, keep up regular prayer, and spend (in charity)

out of what We have bestowed upon them.