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name of the Creator



Eloha. The Jews are using the

plural form of respect when they say “Elohim”. (in the eastern

languages there are two types of plural: one is of numbers and

the other is of respect).The word “Allaha” sounds closer to the

Aramaic word for God used by Jesus, namely “Allaha” (see

Encyclopedia Britannica 1980 under Allah and Elohim). So while

the name Allah is strange to non-Muslims, it is not strange to all

Prophets from Adam to Muhammed, (pbut) as they propagated

in principle the same Islam,


total submission to ALLAH. The

word Allah denotes the personal

name of the Supreme Being.


is not subject to plurality or gender,

so there is no such thing as

Allahs, or male or female Allah, as there are Gods and Goddess

in the English language. It is also confusing to use the words

God and Creator as many English-speaking Christians still

consider Jesus to be God and Creator. Not only the name Allah is

strange to the non-Muslims but also the way Muslims worship

Allah with ablution, bowing, kneeling, and prostrating. Modern

Christians have deliberately abandoned the ablution (washing of

face, arms, feet, and moistening of the hair) prior to worship; but

it is still a requirement for Muslims. All the Prophets did this

ablution as seen in the following passages of the Bible:





and Aaron and his sons washed their

hands and their feet thereat, when they went into the tent of the

congregation, and when they came near unto the alter they

washed; as the Lord commanded Moses.” Although Paul

corrupted the teachings of Jesus (pbuh) he was still faithful in

respect to ablution as seen in

Acts 21:26.

“Then Paul took the men, and the next day purifying himself

with them as in

I Corinthians 11:5,6 and 13

: “But every woman

that prayeth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: