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44. Qeela laha odkhulee a


ssarha falamma raat-hu hasibat-hu lujjatan wakashafat AAan

saqayha qala innahu sarhun mumarradun min qawareera qalat rabbi innee



nafsee waaslamtu maAAa sulaymana lillahi rabbi alAAalameen


44. She was asked to enter the lofty Palace: but when she saw it, she thought it was a lake

of water, and she (tucked up her skirts), uncovering her legs. He said: "This is but a

palace paved smooth with slabs of glass." She said: "O my Lord! I have indeed wronged

my soul: I do (now) submit (in Islam), with Solomon, to the Lord of the Worlds."

Section 4 (45-58)

45. Walaqad arsalna ila thamooda akhahum salihan ani oAAbudoo Allaha fa-itha hum

fareeqani yakhtasimoon


45. We sent (aforetime), to the Thamud, their brother Salih, saying, "Serve Allah.: But

behold, they became two factions quarrelling with each other.