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71. Wa


tlu AAalayhim nabaa noohin ith qala liqawmihi ya qawmi in kana kabura

AAalaykum maqamee watathkeeree bi-ayati Allahi faAAala Allahi tawakkaltu

faajmiAAoo amrakum washurakaakum thumma la yakun amrukum AAalaykum

ghummatan thumma iqdoo ilayya wala tun




71. Relate to them the story of Noah. Behold! he said to his people: "O my people, if it be

hard on your (mind) that I should stay (with you) and commemorate the signs of Allah,-

yet I put my trust in Allah. Get ye then an agreement about your plan and among your

partners, so your plan be on to you dark and dubious. Then pass your sentence on me, and

give me no respite.

72. Fa-in tawallaytum fama saaltukum min ajrin in ajriya illa AAala Allahi waomirtu an

akoona mina almuslimeen


72. "But if ye turn back, (consider): no reward have I asked of you: my reward is only

due from Allah, and I have been commanded to be of those who submit to Allah.s will (in