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13. Am yaqooloona iftarahu qul fa/too biAAashri suwarin mithlihi muftarayatin



dAAoo mani istataAAtum min dooni Allahi in kuntum sadiqeen


13. Or they may say, "He forged it," Say, "Bring ye then ten suras forged, like unto it, and

call (to your aid) whomsoever ye can, other than Allah.- If ye speak the truth!

14. Fa-illam yastajeeboo lakum fa


AAlamoo annama onzila biAAilmi Allahi waan la

ilaha illa huwa fahal antum muslimoon


14. "If then they (your false gods) answer not your (call), know ye that this revelation is

sent down (replete) with the knowledge of Allah, and that there is no god but He! will ye

even then submit (to Islam)?"

15. Man kana yureedu alhayata a


ddunya wazeenataha nuwaffi ilayhim aAAmalahum

feeha wahum feeha la yubkhasoon


15. Those who desire the life of the present and its glitter,- to them we shall pay (the price

of) their deeds therein,- without diminution.