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58. Wajaa ikhwatu yoosufa fadakhaloo AAalayhi faAAarafahum wahum lahu



58. Then came Joseph's brethren: they entered his presence, and he knew them, but they

knew him not.

59. Walamma jahhazahum bijahazihim qala i/toonee bi-akhin lakum min abeekum ala

tarawna annee oofee alkayla waana khayru almunzileen


59. And when he had furnished them forth with provisions (suitable) for them, he said:

"Bring unto me a brother ye have, of the same father as yourselves, (but a different

mother): see ye not that I pay out full measure, and that I do provide the best hospitality?

60. Fa-in lam ta/toonee bihi fala kayla lakum AAindee wala taqraboon


60. "Now if ye bring him not to me, ye shall have no measure (of corn) from me, nor

shall ye (even) come near me."