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106. And most of them believe not in Allah without associating (other as partners) with


107. Afaaminoo an ta/tiyahum ghashiyatun min AAathabi Allahi aw ta/tiyahumu



ssaAAatu baghtatan wahum la yashAAuroon


107. Do they then feel secure from the coming against them of the covering veil of the

wrath of Allah,- or of the coming against them of the (final) Hour all of a sudden while

they perceive not?

108. Qul hathihi sabeelee adAAoo ila Allahi AAala baseeratin ana wamani ittabaAAanee

wasubhana Allahi wama ana mina almushrikeen


108. Say thou: "This is my way: I do invite unto Allah,- on evidence clear as the seeing

with one's eyes,- I and whoever follows me. Glory to Allah. and never will I join gods

with Allah."