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30. Waqeela lillatheena ittaqaw matha anzala rabbukum qaloo khayran lillatheena

ahsanoo fee hathihi a


ddunya hasanatun waladaru al-akhirati khayrun walaniAAma daru



30. To the righteous (when) it is said, "What is it that your Lord has revealed?" they say,

"All that is good." To those who do good, there is good in this world, and the Home of

the Hereafter is even better and excellent indeed is the Home of the righteous,-

31. Jannatu AAadnin yadkhuloonaha tajree min tahtiha al-anharu lahum feeha ma

yashaoona kathalika yajzee Allahu almuttaqeen


31. Gardens of Eternity which they will enter: beneath them flow (pleasant) rivers: they

will have therein all that they wish: thus doth Allah reward the righteous,-

32. Allatheena tatawaffahumu almala-ikatu tayyibeena yaqooloona salamun

AAalaykumu odkhuloo aljannata bima kuntum taAAmaloon


32. (Namely) those whose lives the angels take in a state of purity, saying (to them),

"Peace be on you; enter ye the Garden, because of (the good) which ye did (in the