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75. Say: "If any men go astray, ((Allah)) Most Gracious extends (the rope) to them, until,

when they see the warning of Allah (being fulfilled) - either in punishment or in (the

approach of) the Hour,- they will at length realise who is worst in position, and (who)

weakest in forces!

76. Wayazeedu Allahu allatheena ihtadaw hudan wa


lbaqiyatu a


ssalihatu khayrun

AAinda rabbika thawaban wakhayrun maradda


76. "And Allah doth advance in guidance those who seek guidance: and the things that

endure, Good Deeds, are best in the sight of thy Lord, as rewards, and best in respect of

(their) eventual return."

77. Afaraayta allathee kafara bi-ayatina waqala laootayanna malan wawalada


77. Hast thou then seen the (sort of) man who rejects Our Signs, yet says: "I shall

certainly be given wealth and children?"

78. AttalaAAa alghayba ami ittakhatha AAinda a


rrahmani AAahda


78. Has he penetrated to the Unseen, or has he taken a contract with ((Allah)) Most