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40. Walaqad ataw AAala alqaryati allatee omtirat matara a


ssaw-i afalam yakoonoo

yarawnaha bal kanoo la yarjoona nushoora


40. And the (Unbelievers) must indeed have passed by the town on which was rained a

shower of evil: did they not then see it (with their own eyes)? But they fear not the


41. Wa-itha raawka in yattakhithoonaka illa huzuwan ahatha allathee baAAatha Allahu



41. When they see thee, they treat thee no otherwise than in mockery: "Is this the one

whom Allah has sent as an apostle?"

42. In kada layudilluna AAan alihatina lawla an sabarna AAalayha wasawfa

yaAAlamoona heena yarawna alAAathaba man adallu sabeela


42. "He indeed would well-nigh have misled us from our gods, had it not been that we

were constant to them!" - Soon will they know, when they see the Penalty, who it is that

is most misled in Path!

43. Araayta mani ittakhatha ilahahu hawahu afaanta takoonu AAalayhi wakeela