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15. Faamma AAadun fa


stakbaroo fee al-ardi bighayri alhaqqi waqaloo man ashaddu

minna quwwatan awa lam yaraw anna Allaha allathee khalaqahum huwa ashaddu

minhum quwwatan wakanoo bi-ayatina yajhadoon


15. Now the 'Ad behaved arrogantly through the land, against (all) truth and reason, and

said: "Who is superior to us in strength?" What! did they not see that Allah, Who created

them, was superior to them in strength? But they continued to reject Our Signs!

16. Faarsalna AAalayhim reehan sarsaran fee ayyamin nahisatin linutheeqahum

AAathaba alkhizyi fee alhayati a


ddunya walaAAathabu al-akhirati akhza wahum la



16. So We sent against them a furious Wind through days of disaster, that We might give

them a taste of a Penalty of humiliation in this life; but the Penalty of a Hereafter will be

more humiliating still: and they will find no help.

17. Waamma thamoodu fahadaynahum fa


stahabboo alAAama AAala alhuda faakhathat-

hum saAAiqatu alAAathabi alhooni bima kanoo yaksiboon


17. As to the Thamud, We gave them Guidance, but they preferred blindness (of heart) to

Guidance: so the stunning Punishment of humiliation seized them, because of what they

had earned.