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51. Wanada firAAawnu fee qawmihi qala ya qawmi alaysa lee mulku misra wahathihi al-

anharu tajree min tahtee afala tubsiroon


51. And Pharaoh proclaimed among his people, saying: "O my people! Does not the

dominion of Egypt belong to me, (witness) these streams flowing underneath my

(palace)? What! see ye not then?

52. Am ana khayrun min hatha allathee huwa maheenun wala yakadu yubeen


52. "Am I not better than this (Moses), who is a contemptible wretch and can scarcely

express himself clearly?

53. Falawla olqiya AAalayhi aswiratun min thahabin aw jaa maAAahu almala-ikatu



53. "Then why are not gold bracelets bestowed on him, or (why) come (not) with him

angels accompanying him in procession?"

54. Fa


stakhaffa qawmahu faataAAoohu innahum kanoo qawman fasiqeen


54. Thus did he make fools of his people, and they obeyed him: truly were they a people

rebellious (against Allah..