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3. We created not the heavens and the earth and all between them but for just ends, and

for a Term Appointed: But those who reject Faith turn away from that whereof they are


4. Qul araaytum ma tadAAoona min dooni Allahi aroonee matha khalaqoo mina al-ardi

am lahum shirkun fee a


ssamawati eetoonee bikitabin min qabli hatha aw atharatin min

AAilmin in kuntum sadiqeen


4. Say: "Do ye see what it is ye invoke besides Allah. Show me what it is they have

created on earth, or have they a share in the heavens bring me a book (revealed) before

this, or any remnant of knowledge (ye may have), if ye are telling the truth!

5. Waman adallu mimman yadAAoo min dooni Allahi man la yastajeebu lahu ila yawmi

alqiyamati wahum AAan duAAa-ihim ghafiloon


5. And who is more astray than one who invokes besides Allah, such as will not answer

him to the Day of Judgment, and who (in fact) are unconscious of their call (to them)?