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28. Wayawma nahshuruhum jameeAAan thumma naqoolu lillatheena ashrakoo

makanakum antum washurakaokum fazayyalna baynahum waqala shurakaohum ma

kuntum iyyana taAAbudoon


28. One day shall We gather them all together. Then shall We say to those who joined

gods (with Us): "To your place! ye and those ye joined as 'partners' We shall separate

them, and their "Partners" shall say: "It was not us that ye worshipped!

29. Fakafa bi


llahi shaheedan baynana wabaynakum in kunna AAan AAibadatikum



29. "Enough is Allah for a witness between us and you: we certainly knew nothing of

your worship of us!"

30. Hunalika tabloo kullu nafsin ma aslafat waruddoo ila Allahi mawlahumu alhaqqi

wadalla AAanhum ma kanoo yaftaroon


30. There will every soul prove (the fruits of) the deeds it sent before: they will be

brought back to Allah their rightful Lord, and their invented falsehoods will leave them in

the lurch.