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21. And indeed We will make them taste of the Penalty of this (life) prior to the supreme

Penalty, in order that they may (repent and) return.

22. Waman a


lamu mimman thukkira bi-ayati rabbihi thumma aAArada AAanha inna

mina almujrimeena muntaqimoon


22. And who does more wrong than one to whom are recited the Signs of his Lord, and

who then turns away therefrom? Verily from those who transgress We shall exact (due)


Section 3 (23-30)

23. Walaqad atayna moosa alkitaba fala takun fee miryatin min liqa-ihi wajaAAalnahu

hudan libanee isra-eel


23. We did indeed aforetime give the Book to Moses: be not then in doubt of its reaching

(thee): and We made it a guide to the Children of Israel.