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5. Faqad kaththaboo bi


lhaqqi lamma jaahum fasawfa ya/teehim anbao ma kanoo bihi



5. And now they reject the truth when it reaches them: but soon shall they learn the

reality of what they used to mock at.

6. Alam yaraw kam ahlakna min qablihim min qarnin makkannahum fee al-ardi ma lam

numakkin lakum waarsalna a


ssamaa AAalayhim midraran wajaAAalna al-anhara tajree

min tahtihim faahlaknahum bithunoobihim waansha/na min baAAdihim qarnan



6. See they not how many of those before them We did destroy?- generations We had

established on the earth, in strength such as We have not given to you - for whom We

poured out rain from the skies in abundance, and gave (fertile) streams flowing beneath

their (feet): yet for their sins We destroyed them, and raised in their wake fresh

generations (to succeed them).